Water Efficiency Calculations for Part G of the Building Regulations

What is Water Efficiency?

In the context of building a new dwelling, this refers to Part G of the Building Regulations, which states that '...Reasonable provision must be made by the installation of fittings and fixed appliances that use water efficiently for the prevention of undue consumption of water.'


What this means is that it is necessary to calculate a reasonable usage figure for the water-using features of your build (such as basin taps, showers, washing machines, etc.) and to ensure that this is under the required amount of 125 litres per person, per day.


Why is it needed?

As mentioned above, the Water Efficiency Calculation is required to demonstrate compliance with Part G of the Building Regulations, but it is also required information for completing a SAP assessment for Part L.


On top of this, sometimes an optional requirement is added as a planning condition, reducing the target from 125 litres to 110 litres or less per person, per day. Just as with the Building Regulations, a Water Efficiency Calculation will be required to demonstrate that this is achievable and that the design of your build incorporates this.


How we can help?

Our team of experienced assessors will make this process as simple as possible for you, by offering the following:


1. No information requirement - If you have already provided plans and a spec. for completion of a SAP assessment with us, then our assessor will use the same information to complete your Water Efficiency Calculation.


2. Same day turnaround - As long as we have building plans showing where fittings are, all Water Efficiency Calculations can be completed and returned to you same day.


3. All required documentation - Not only do our reports state the proposed fittings and fixed appliances, along with their water usage, but we also include your Notice of Water Efficiency, as required for Regulation 36(1).


If you do require any design assistance to achieve the require rates, our friendly team will be happy to assist with advice to help you get sign-off.

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